1.) MVR/Background Checks:

a. Missouri only – This will provide you with Missouri only driving records for your employees. You can do this a few different ways:
i. Require the employee to get his/her driving record from the local license office ($2.82 + $2.00 processing fee). And deliver it to you.
ii. If you decide to get the MVR for the employee – Complete the Request from Driver License Record Holder form – https://dor.mo.gov/forms/4681.pdf (must include employee signature and notary signature) and pay the fee at the license office ($2.82 + $2.00 processing fee).
iii. By Mail or Fax – Submit the same form – https://dor.mo.gov/forms/4681.pdf and pay the fee (I believe it’s $2.00 +$.50/page).
iv. There is also a provision for requesting multiple driver records on a regular business (which is likely what you’ll be doing) – Request a security access code https://dor.mo.gov/forms/4678.pdf and establish an account. You would then dial in and receive the records by mail or fax. You’ll also need to complete the form with the employee signature as mentioned above.
v. Here is the link to the Driver records website – https://dor.mo.gov/drivers/records.php#record

b. Nationwide Search

i. IIX – Website is https://www.verisk.com/iix/ There is a $75 cost to set up an account. Phone number – 800-683-8553
ii. You can call or setup an account online.
iii. Cost is typically based on quantity. They may offer a discount if you use the MVR and background check service.
c. Nationwide Search
i. HireRight – Website is https://www.hireright.com/ Phone Number – 800-400-2761
ii. Call or setup an account online.
iii. Again, cost is typically based on quantity and if your using their software for other services.

For more information contact Scott Wilson, 636.537.5041 or swilson@craneagency.com

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