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Hunt Clubs & Preserves

Hunting Preserves, Rod and Gun Clubs, Trap/Skeet and Sporting Clays Insurance

Hunting preserves can offer a wide variety of services that may include a trap, skeet, or clay course. You may have a gun shop that offers the sale of ammunition, guns and other hunting or fishing related items. You may offer an unguided to the fully guided including lodging and food. Your preserve may offer exotic game hunts, wild hog, deer, elk, as well as upland game and waterfowl.

Our multiple insurance preserve insurance programs can offer coverage for your wildlife, kennel operations, transportation of guests, and replacement cost for your property used in your operations.

Rod & Gun Club Insurance programs offer coverage for non-profit membership clubs for the purpose of shooting, hunting, fishing and recreational activities. Special events, fund raisers, and other sporting activities are often held at these clubs and can add additional risks that the Rod and Gun Club Insurance Program offers protection for.

If your business offers trap, skeet, and/or sporting clays we have several shooting sports insurance programs that offer very competitive pricing. Our programs can include coverage for your gun shop that may sell guns, ammunition and hunting and fishing related items. Our programs offer coverage for food service along with your property.

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